All the things that create our look somehow help us express our personality
in many different ways. Believe it or not but eyebrows have the big part of
responsibility of how the world sees us. Our faces reflect our emotions through facial expressions however the wrongly shaped eyebrows can practically sabotage it – the happy you not going to look happy if your eyebrows go too low on temple or kindly smiling you are going to look evil with overly high arched eyebrows.
Although almost all of us understand that eyebrows have somewhat importance for our faces, we never thought about it – we took the pencil, shaped them really quick and ran to work. So what do eyebrows really do?

Eyebrows have become a trend as, let’s say, an accessory like a ladies’ hat –
something that has been changing with time and carrying a style and message of an era. Thick or thin brows, feminine elegant or brutally independent. Nowadays we finally met in “perfect middle” – eyebrows need to be beneficial to the shape of our face, eyes, nose and lips. Yes, to all of it. It should show the perfect harmony with natural features, embrace your sexuality and self-esteem.

Believe it or not but eyebrows have the big part of responsibility of how the world sees us.

If you have a round shaped face…
Your dream is to make your cheekbones more pronounced? Some people try to overdo contouring but sometimes it can be just enough to add an arch to your eyebrows. They should look a little sharp as round shaped face usually have softer features. Arched eyebrow with sharp edge will create a balanced look taking away attention from roundness and adding a character to the face.

If you have an oval shaped face…
Congratulations! Oval shape is considered ideal shape and you are free to pick the eyebrow shape you desire. Almost. There is still something we wouldn’t advise like highly arched eyebrows – brows like this will make you look too strict and serious on a little bit of angry side. Especially stay away from symmetrical arched brows – the ones that have arch right on top of your eye pupil – those will make your face appear longer.

If you have a square shaped face…
Sign of a square shape is wide jaw line. Our goal is to minimize it, make it visually appear softer or even thinner. To achieve that we would choose smooth rounded eyebrows, no sharp arches and edges. Another important point to square faces – eyebrows absolutely can not be tiny.

If you have a rectangle shaped face…
Rectangular faces are pretty much square faces but slightly longer so rules are the same as for a square face. Besides eyebrows for this type have to be longer so the face wouldn’t look too narrow.

If you have a triangle (heart) shaped face…
Triangular face has forehead as a “heavier” part considering that the lower part of the face is smaller, so we would need the eyebrow shape that can visually fix it.
Rounded shape with soft arch or slightly higher tails (not too high). Straight
brows aren’t recommended for this face type.

If you have a diamond shaped face…
Faces like that usually have high cheekbones and pointed chins. To visually soften the edges rounded eyebrows with soft arch are a go-to. Arch can somewhat be pronounced but not sharpened much as the diamond shaped face requires some softness for perfect balance. Also straight brows are not recommended.

Those are the basic rules how to perfect our imperfections and make your
face work for you. Harmony is the key and sometimes to achieve it you don’t need crucial changes but just to emphasize the right things.

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